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Tea, Cake & Flowers – A new sanctuary for the eye to behold

07 / 06 / 2020

Today on Brickhouse Tales we present to you our very own Florist store but it ain’t just any ordinary florist store – It’s definitely more than that.

Tiger Lily is a florist/gift/multi label store and we also serve an exclusive handpicked tea label called JING. Eeeyup, told you it’s definitely more than just a florist store. Haha!

How did we come up with the idea? Well, Brickhouse is an events company and with the amount of flowers we prep on a weekly basis we sure as hell needed a flower prep room. Hence the idea was born. Tadaaaa! Although, we might have gotten a little excited or should I say inspired and we decided to expand it into what it is now.

So, what are some of the brands we collaborate with?

Apothecary’s solid cologne

Mineraw’s facial care product

Korte Chocolate an exclusive chocolate drink

Rad Alchemist’s lifestyle and skincare

And JING Tea, delicious hand picked tea

Tiger Lily is so much more than just a little florist store. With it also serving tea and being a multi label store. Tiger Lily has become a little sanctuary where people can relax and ponder their thoughts over a refreshing cup of tea amidst the beauty of fresh flowers around them.

So dear reader, if you ever find yourself scratching your head on where to get some fresh flowers and a gift for someone special. You know where to find us 😉

Where ah?

Oh right! My bad. Just head over to Kedai at Mahsa Avenue. What other better place to start up a local business at an artisanal marketplace!

So just swing by anytime folks and follow our Instagram page @tigerlilybybh to see what’s new!

Ps: Check out our all new series on Youtube called ‘The Brickhouse Take’ for some exclusive stories on Brickhouse