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How to plan your wedding: The only guide you’ll ever need!

08 / 12 / 2020

How to plan your wedding: The only guide you’ll ever need!

We get it. Event planners are great and all, but you just want to go completely hands on and plan your own wedding. We’ve all been there, so consider us your guide on the amazing journey you’re about to embark upon.

Event planning services are ideal when preparing for your perfect event especially if you’re planning for your wedding. You’re going to need to find the perfect venue, decoration, a good photographer/videographer and most importantly – food, everyone loves good food.

Being one of the top event and catering companies in Kuala Lumpur, Brick House has perfected the art of making weddings unique, with a series of steps taken right up to the day of your wedding to ensure everything goes smoothly without any bumps. Here’s what we’ve learnt over the years.


  1. Set your date
  2. Pick your venue
  3. Choose your caterer
  4. Bonus Tip #1
  5. Decoration Theme and Options
  6. Bonus Tip #2
  7. AV System
  8. Photographer & Videographer
  9. Wedding cakes, cards & etc
  10. Bonus Tip #3

Whether you’re an event planner or the one getting married, this step by step guide will help you prepare for your dream wedding, making sure you don’t miss a thing!

1. Set Your Date

Alright! First things first, have you settled on a date? It’s always good to keep yourself open to a few options just in case the one you’re looking for is not available.

Picking your date is super important, you’ll want to start planning things well in advance if you have a date in mind, this way you can get in touch with all your vendors and book them way ahead of time and you won’t have to worry about missing out on them.

2. Pick your venue

Next up – Venue! Would you like to have an indoor or outdoor wedding? In the forest or by the beach? Under the stars or in a cave? Well, whatever your choice is, you’ll need to take into consideration a few things first:

  • Availability of dates.
  • Number of guests it can accommodate.
  • What sort of amenities it provides: Wi-Fi, AV system, furniture, parking, etc.

So, if you want to do something fun with your partner, go venue hunting! Make a list of your top 10 wedding venues and pay them a visit.

3. Choose your caterer

As for catering — which is clearly the best part of the wedding — you better make sure there’s good food there, be it a heavenly buffet spread or a fancy full service experience.

If you’ve been to a number of weddings, you could list down your favourite caterers and pick out the ones you think were great, or you could get your friends to recommend you good catering providers. You can then set up an appointment for food tasting and take it from there.

4. Bonus Tip #1

Have external vendors come in and set up a satay, ABC or ice-cream stall. Check in with your caterers if they can provide it for you. On another note, check in with your venue provider first, whether or not they allow external vendors. It’s good to clarify all the details beforehand.

5. Wedding Decoration

Having trouble planning the sort of decorations you want? Imagine walking into a wedding reception, what is the first thing you see? A registration table, welcome board, photo wall. Now, as you enter the hall, what do your eyes linger on the most? Pen down your thoughts. Here’s some help:

  • Entrance decoration
  • Welcome board
  • Registration table
  • Photo wall or Photo booth
  • Walkway decoration
  • Wedding Cake Table
  • Guest and VIP table decoration
  • Stage decoration

There you go! At the entrance you could have a welcome board with assorted candles and lanterns. A registration table with a mini photo bar displaying your pre wedding shoots. Don’t forget your photo wall! You’ll be surprised as to how easy it’ll be to gather everyone at one spot for a group photo.

Your walkway could be lined with flower petals or pot arrangements, whichever you prefer, with a white carpet, maybe? For the guest tables there can be various candles, foliage lining or flowers! You can also suggest adding on charger plates, cutleries and napkins.

Not forgetting the sweetheart table for the lovely bride and groom. It’s important for you to sit down comfortably while enjoying your dinner during the ceremony, with a slightly more exclusive, lush decoration!

Finally, the main stage. From something as simple as, a wedding arch with fresh flowers, foliage arrangements, with a name signage of the couple to something more luxurious, where your event planner could innovate by playing with props and the non-typical main stage settings.

6. Bonus Tip #2

Most wedding event decorators have a variety of themes for you to choose from, or if you have a theme in mind, feel free to ask if they can work out something around it.

You could also provide them a mood board, by searching up wedding theme ideas on Pinterest. For example, rustic, minimal, pastel, vintage and so much more!

7. AV System

No wedding is complete without a dance floor for your guests to rock and roll. Plus, if you’re going to have speeches addressing the attendees, you’ll definitely need a good AV system set up for your wedding. Most venues come with an AV system, so you’ll just have to confirm if they have a system included.

8. Photographers/Videographers

With all the above set to make your wedding a memorable one, you can’t forget to have photographers and videographers to capture and record your perfect dream wedding. You can always get in touch and request for a portfolio to check out their work.

9. Wedding cakes, cards & etc

There are plenty of other things for you to consider such as a wedding cake, wedding card, wedding bouquet, an emcee, and the list goes on. It’s important to know what you want, to make your wedding perfect, not only for you but everyone present. It’s your big day. Do it right!

10. Bonus Tip #3

Check out our new Express Weddings. If you ain’t got the time to plan your wedding, don’t worry! You can now do it in a jiffy! It’s all at your fingertips, just a couple of clicks away.

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Planning a wedding is always a challenging experience. It could bring everyone involved together, or the opposite could happen. There’s always so much to do, but if done correctly, it becomes a truly magical experience.

If this seems like too much to keep track of, then just get a wedding planner, like Brick House to plan your wedding for you! We’ve got you covered on all fronts, all you need to do is sit and watch the magic unfold.