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“BH Office, Masks On!”

19 / 10 / 2020

Waaaazzzzzzuuuppppp folks! Today I’m gonna give you a little tour around the office. With CMCO being implemented, it’s masks on everybady!

That’s right everybady just follow Ivan’s exampleπŸ˜‰

We’ve got our production team here…being productive πŸ˜‚

Vernon(left) holding his lucky egg for inspiration as he edits a video and apparently Seyvaq is drinking coffee with his mask on because only he can πŸ˜‹

Taty(left) the only serious one in the room LOL and Lisa…well she’s just reminding everyone to drink water

Our main man Ganesan of Ops busy-busy at work 🦾

And here’s Abey…

Just being Abey LOL

Mandy, Cassie & Yim(the new guy) busy following up with clients to assist them in any way possible to plan out their events during this unpredictable times.

Kyle (left) seems to be having a headache here. Probably annoyed with Dinef 😜

Here’s the BD team – Stephy, Suzan & Hafiza

Amanda, the BD team manager tryina clear up her desk first before I took her pic XD

She did a pretty good job lah huh XD

The Procurement Team! Izatty the team leader along with her wonderful boys Karthik & Wajdi. Karthik tryina have a stare down with Wajdi while I believe Wajdi is tryina have a stare down with me😐

aaaaaaaaaand here he is tryina be cute πŸ™„

The Accounts Team! Gaya akka with her boys Khairi and Syafiy. I swear they were all laughing behind their mask non stop. Plus, I have no idea what is Khairi handing over to Gaya akka

Here we have the Kedai Team – Saphira & Sofia (front two), the interns along with Sam, Adam & Sep. All sibuk tengah buat kerja.

Our Chefs Rizal and Gerrard tryina act out something here. I’ll leave it to you to caption it if you want πŸ˜† Perhaps, we’ll post it up online and see who can give us the best caption and will probably win a prize hehehe.

Ms Daya and Sham of HR, fully focused at work!

And here’s Eyla of HR passing on reports to Datin Christine Bong for her approval and signing off. With CMCO back it’s a super busy time now with plenty of things popping up

Well that’s the end of the tour for today on Brick House Tales folks. Stay tuned for more stories and updates from Brick House

Stay safe everyone 😊

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